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Please allow up to 3 weeks before these are shipped to you. Due to nature of our business it takes extra time and care to have them ready for you.

Made with our hands and our hearts from our home in Manjimup, Western Australia.

The most perfect way to learn and recognise numbers including the numeral and word, as the acrylic number is raised children can recognise these shapes with their finger tips. 

I have made this set of arch numbers with durability and educational awareness in mind, as my children use them and have shown me that they are a great addition to our home, I wish to offer them to you also.

Each arch is hand oiled using pure olive oil and each acrylic number is also adhered to each piece by me.

Please ensure you are aware of the authenticity that comes with owning a set of these arch number sets. As no 2 trees are the same it makes each and every piece so unique, the product you receive will vary to the ones photographed in the way of timber grains and colour tones. This is what makes them so special.

WARNING: acrylic number have adhesive on the backing which have a firm hold on the wood, however not recommended for children under 3 y/o and should be supervised when being handled by children.


 $1 from every purchase is donated to Perth Children's Hospital, thank you.

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