Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name is Kirsty. I am 27 years old and before children, I sold property and ran my own home beauty salon.
I became a mother in 2016 to one amazing little lady, 2018 the boys arrived, identical twin boys!
All of my products here are 100% Australian made and use 100% recycled card box packaging. Something that I really passionate about is keeping my product Australian made, recycled where possible and supporting the Perth Children's Hospital, so we donate $1 from every box sold to the Perth Children's Hospital. This Charity means a lot to our family.
Spare Time Co is so much more than a business. It helps me fight the many challenges that a stay at home mum is exposed to. This business has saved me in so many ways.
Designing, posting and watching families use and appreciate my products is priceless to me.
Since my daughter started school I have begun to realise the important of educational tools which has helped in the launch of my alphabet and number flash cards. I wanted something simple but with a multipurpose use and I feel like these are all that!
"Everything I make is made with love, made in my spare time but spare time, made for you."