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Spare Time Co started literally in my spare time and it has developed into something I will be forever grateful for.
It has saved me during motherhood. It has grown with me and has helped me every single day to bring me sanity, self-worth and something other than mum life 24/7.
I have always wanted to be a stay at home mum, so everything here is made, created, packed, responded to, if not in my spare time, then with my little people close by. That in itself is, the greatest gift of all. 
Something I am extremely passionate about is keeping my creations Australian Made. I currently have all my products made in Perth, WA however as I grow my plan is to cut and etch all my products here at home in my studio. I am proud to say that I use Australian materials and all timbers are designed by me using my own authentic calligraphy, making them extremely special. 
"Everything I make is made with love, made in my spare time but spare time, made for you."
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